I am so excited to be reconnecting with you after many years of silence. The past few months have been unprecedented and many of us are trying to find our grounding in these uncertain times. Initially, I welcomed the reprieve from my busy travel/work schedule. A portal opened where I could slow down, meditate, rest, write and deepen my yoga practice. But, like many, I became concerned about money and how I would continue to support myself. Returning to my previous job anytime soon was not likely going to happen. I felt like the Universe was offering me a gift—the gift of time, space, slowing down. A time to go within. A time to listen to my inner GPS. Maybe there is another path for me to step onto rather than returning to my previous work. After all, while I loved my job, it didn’t really feel like my Soul’s calling and I’ve always felt like, at some point in time, I would return to my work as an energy healer, Medicine Woman, Shaman and health coach.

Now is that time.


Where Have I Been?

In the spring of 2013, I accepted a job in Austin, Texas and was on track to rearrange and relocate my life. I sublet my apartment in Marin, packed my belongings, put some in storage, with the rest to be shipped to Texas. At the last minute, the job fell through. I was left stranded, not knowing where I was going or what I was going to do. Within minutes of telling a friend what had happened, she called me back to say that her boss was offering me her executive wine country home to live in rent free for a month while I figured things out. I jumped at the chance! Shoving the rest of my stuff in storage except for a few things that I would need for the month, I headed North. (I had no idea that I was about to embark on a 7-year journey that would eventually take me to Asia, India, Australia, the Middle East and finally back to the U.S.)

Settling into my temporary digs in the middle of Dry Creek Valley was not difficult. It was a beautiful, serene setting near hiking trails around Lake Sonoma. I had plenty of time on my hands—something that I wasn’t used to—and I took complete advantage of it. I spent time in nature, hiking or just sitting and meditating. I read and journaled. I still wasn’t clear what I was going to do when the month was up and was getting concerned when I got another phone call.  A friend of mine who lived close by had an emergency appendectomy and during the procedure they found some atypical cells that could indicate cancer. After her recovery from the appendectomy, she had to undergo another surgery to remove part of her colon, as a precaution.  She and her husband asked me if I would come stay with them in their picturesque Italian villa nestled in their Zinfandel vineyards to help nurse her back to health. I would have my own en-suite and could stay with them rent free in exchange for my nursing skills.  As my friend’s health improved, my role transformed from caregiver to something more akin to a sister. We agreed that I would pay rent for my room and become a part of their household for the next 6 months. To extend my respite from my previous hectic work/life schedule was just what my body and soul needed. For the next 6 months my life looked vastly different than it had for many years. I had a chance to rest, see a few clients, journal, meditate, get back into nature, socialize and contemplate. I could see that the Universe was indeed taking care of me, yet I wasn’t able to fully relax into that knowing. I kept wondering and, at times, worrying. What was I supposed to do next when this time in Shangri-La ended?

forking paths

Despite all the fretting and worrying, I was gradually developing a trust in the Universe through my spiritual practices. I read books such as E-Squared by Pam Grout, I Can See Clearly Now and Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer, The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza and many more.  I listened to affirmations, guided meditations, prayed to my spiritual teacher Amma, journaled with fervor, and continued my yoga practice. While I was at the early stages of learning this “trust” lesson, it has turned out to be the one of the core lessons and profound shifts of my life, ultimately leading me to uncover my purpose or “Dharma”.

In my next newsletter, I will continue to write about my adventures and what transpired in the next chapter in this saga:  where I would be living, what I would be doing and the struggles and shifts that were occurring on my inner landscape. My intention is to help you discover, as I have, that the universe really does have our backs. It always has. And to not only believe it, or know it intellectually, but to really feel it and experience it, trust it and allow it to be your Guiding Light. There is a conscious, loving energy all around us and if we can learn to invite it in with unfolded arms and an open heart, we can experience life as a joyful and profound gift. I have come to accept that every challenge I am given is really an opportunity to grow into my divine soulful Self.

Working with Rachelle

Nothing would bring me more joy than to share my healing practices with you to help you find your footing so you can evolve, and fully experience your joyous birthright as a spiritual being—learning to relish the challenges inherent as a human in physical form as guideposts toward conscious transcendence.

Individual Sessions

Our one on one sessions are individualized to meet each person’s unique need. The tools that I draw on include my background in psychotherapy and expressive arts, functional and holistic medicine, shamanic practices, astrology and oracle readings. Most of my clients meet via Zoom; however, once shelter in place restrictions are removed, we can meet in person in my home office.

Personal Retreats

If you are called to take our work deeper, you may want to consider scheduling a personal retreat. These are typically 2 days (can be weekend or weekdays). We will gather in my home nestled near the Sonoran Desert Preserve in Arizona. The retreat is uniquely designed to meet each individual’s goals and needs. I incorporate ritual, art, somatic healing, breathwork, meditation, yoga, astrology and/or shamanic journeying to customize each person’s experience. Prior to your retreat, we will meet via Zoom to tease out what you passionately desire to experience and what outcomes you want to achieve from our time together.
Accommodations and travel are not included but I will assist you in making these arrangements. Delicious vegetarian/vegan organic meals are included.

Sedona Hike