About Rachelle

I am a board-certified family nurse practitioner and psychotherapist with four decades of professional experience in private and clinical practice. My experience encompasses a broad range of skills in traditional and alternative approaches to health and healing. My background in integrative and functional medicine focused on menopause, hormonal imbalances, weight management, depression, and adrenal fatigue. Combining my experience in psychology and integrative nursing gives me a powerful set of tools with which to work with my clients.

I currently live in Arizona after recently completing a two-year assignment to train doctors and clinicians in Asia and the Middle East, while working for a medical device company.

My love and passion lie in the ancient and sacred practice of healing and wellness, Shamanic Arts and working with indigenous, plant- based medicines and energy work. I am currently studying with Tommy Rosen, Dr. Sue Morter and Alberto Villoldo, PhD. to expand my repertoire with these modalities.

Educational Background

I received my nursing degree from Hesston College in 1974, my BA in sociology and community medicine in 1978 from Kansas Newman College and my Nurse Practitioner degree in family practice from Wichita State University in 1982 where I was nominated into the prestigious Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.

In 1999, I graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies with a Masters in Integral Psychology and special certification in expressive arts therapy. I am also a certified massage therapist, a polarity practitioner, and a practitioner of other alternative health- related therapies.

Professional background

My purpose speaks powerfully through my professional background and accomplishments. While employed in the obstetrics department of a local hospital, I developed a childbirth education program. Through the inception of this program, I helped to increase the number of births in that hospital by 50% in just one year. All of this during a time when fathers were still being kept out of the birth process and babies were routinely whisked away from their mothers and put into the nursery immediately after birth. I was part of the vanguard of peri-natal caregivers who brought fathers into the delivery room and kept newborn babies with both parents whenever possible.

I also worked as the head of community health and started a very successful public family planning clinic, rape treatment center and home health agency. During that time, I delivered public talks and taught special classes in high schools on safe sex and pregnancy prevention.

Later I went back to my alma mater where I taught health classes and became the campus health nurse at Hesston College. During my time there, I expanded student health services to include regular health screenings such as Pap smears, breast exams, STD prevention, birth control and the identification and treatment of eating disorders.

As my interests in therapeutic techniques broadened, I opened two healing centers—one in the Midwest and the other on the West Coast where I worked with other practitioners engaged in compatible work. I developed a successful private practice which incorporated expressive arts therapy, rebirthing and massage therapy.

I love teaching as well as facilitating groups and workshops. Some of the groups I have led include awakening to the sacred feminine, full moon ceremonies, and celebrating the seasons. to group detoxification programs and weight loss clinics. I was the founder of Soujourners a group dedicated to discovering the secrets of the Mystery School. This group was formed in 1999 and is still going strong today. I developed the “Heal Your Body, Nourish Your Soul” program, an integrated approach to weight loss.I have given numerous talks to women’s organizations on menopause and natural approaches to managing depression and vibrant aging.

Personal Profile

I take great pleasure in exploring the natural environment around me. Connecting with the Earth, creating full moon and other such ceremonies provide me an opportunity to rebalance my body and soul and reconnect to my inner wisdom and Spirit.. Yoga, meditation and writing have become an essential part of my daily life. I enjoy traveling, immersing myself in other cultures and being with my daughter and two grandchildren, who amaze me daily with their depth and accomplishments. I currently am working on my memoir and reside in the desert north of Scottsdale AZ with my partner Todd and my feline familiar, Little Bear.

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