May Updates

Signs of new growth are bursting forth everywhere I look these days. From mustard blooming faithfully between rows of woody grape vines, to the trees in a full regale of white, rose, and pink blossoms. With this seasonal rebirth and the beginning of longer days it feels like playtime, especially out in the bounty of nature. Everyone just seems to be happier. And I, too, feel like I am finally emerging from a period of retreat and introspection.

Recently I’ve enjoyed some awesome hikes along the coast where fresh wild greens and flowers make the landscape luscious and bright with sweet color. I also went to a Giant’s game, which is always a pastime enjoyed when the days stretch on into a slow, golden sunset. I just celebrated my birthday and it’s fitting that this is the beginning of a fresh, new year in my life for major changes are afoot!  I spent 5 glorious days on the Mendocino coast for my birthday and took advantage of its beauty and remoteness to listen to my inner guidance for my next steps on this journey of life.

I had imagined that the next time I would be writing to you, I would be telling you about relocating to Austin, Texas for a new adventure brought about by a job offer. However, just a few days before my scheduled departure from Northern California I received a notice that the job offer had been rescinded and the move was off! After recovering from the shock and disbelief I needed to figure out what I was going to do next. And figure it out quickly because I had already rented out my home, quit my jobs and packed my belongings.

Before I had much time to react, I was gifted the opportunity to stay in a beautiful guest home nestled among acres of vineyards and surrounded with hills and trees not far from a beautiful lake. So, I loaded my car with what belongings I thought I would need and made the trip north to what would be my sanctuary for the next few months.

I didn’t know much but I did know this: I was being asked to surrender and trust a force greater than my small self and that I was being taken care of. I had the strongest feeling during the drive that I was on a journey to love. What that really meant and how that would unfold has yet to be revealed. Yet it is with love that I share some of the highlights of this time of uncertainty and the insights that simply trusting has revealed to me in my next post.

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