November 2012

The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place. – Barbara Deangelis

This is such a great time of the year! The trees and vines are brilliant with their fall colors and the days are sunny and crisp while the nights are cool and (usually) clear. Along with most of us here in the Bay Area, I enjoyed watching the major league play offs and World Series with the Giants coming out as champions for the 2nd time in 3 years!  Over a million people gathered in San Francisco on Halloween to celebrate the victory.

October was an extra special month for me as both of my grandkids and my mother celebrate their birthdays. My granddaughter turned 16 (really?) and continues to enjoy her friends, school, cheerleading, and her car. My grandson turned 10 and loves his sports, especially football and soon, basketball. My mom turned 92 and proudly announced she got her driver’s license renewed for another 4 years!
For me it’s been an exciting month since my last newsletter. I spent a wonderful weekend on Tinsley Island in the Delta for their annual Women’s Cruise. I learned to paddle board (thanks to my patient instructor and host, Cynthia Bernheim), kayaked around the island a few times, and enjoyed a lot of dancing, yoga, and hanging out with amazing women.
I managed to squeeze in another weekend away and went up Healdsburg to meet my cousin and friends for wine tasting and bottling. The vines were especially beautiful and showing off their brilliant fall colors and all the growers and wine makers were happy with a bountiful harvest this year.
This month’s feature article focuses on the importance of using an integrated approach to healthy weight loss. True and lasting healing requires attention to the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of our selves. When we are out of balance in one area, this affects the whole, as mind, body, and spirit are one.
My whole approach to healing work is based in an integrated model, which experience tells me is essential for reclaiming and maintaining health and vitality. I hope you’ll find something useful and inspiring in this article. Let me know what you think!
With love and kindness,
Rachelle Goering, M.A., F.N.P.

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