The Healing Power of Presence

One important component of healing from abusive and emotional eating is learning to stay in the present moment and becoming fully aware of what you are experiencing emotionally, physically, and mentally.

There is usually some driving force that we are unconsciously aware of that sends us running to refrigerator, or the candy drawer for another piece of chocolate. Some overwhelming thought, feeling, or memory is invoked from deep within our subconscious and before we know it, we are reacting to it by trying to numb out with food. The truth is, food can never heal an uncomfortable emotion or feeling, nor will it erase a painful memory, or fill an empty heart.  

What food can provide us is sustenance and a direct connection to the abundance of the Earth. Food also brings friends and family together and is a means of creative expression for those who love to cook.
The next time you sit down to eat, try this one simple act: put down your eating utensil between bites while you chew your food. Do not take another bite of food until your mouth is empty.  Observe what your mind is saying to you while you slow down and eat. You may feel impatient, anxious, and annoyed. Your mind might be saying “this is stupid”. But as this way of mindful eating becomes a habit, you will begin to notice something new emerging in your relationship to food: appreciation, pleasure, and satisfaction.
Even the simplest snack can be a joyful experience when what you eat is chosen mindfully and you are fully present while eating it.
Next month’s newsletter will focus on the body and how to exquisitely care for your precious vessel from a loving kindness perspective. I will also share ways to inhabit your body and appreciate its inherent magnificence!

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