The Sacred Art of Mindful Eating

If you have ever continued to eat even when you were full or ignored your body’s signals that it was time to eat, obsessed over your weight, or felt guilt or shame around your body, then you have engaged in mindless eating. These behaviors inhibit your ability to listen to and understand the messages your body is sending you and often this disconnect arises out of a dieting mindset.

Chronic dieting encourages the split between your body and mind making behaviors like mindless eating highly likely if not inevitable. What’s more, chronic dieting and obsession with your body and weight has a truly devastating effect on your self-worth because it severs your relationship with your Soul, the unifying force that balances mind and body.

Division between your body, your mind, and your soul keeps you locked into the ego and its often faulty messages. You begin to think that your thoughts and your ego’s interpretation of your feelings are truth, believing whatever your ego is telling you. It’s a no-win, no-way-out situation that creates an endless cycle of misery and pain, preventing you from living joyously and passionately.

The only way to re-establish the connection between your mind, body, and soul is to begin the practice of mindfulness. For chronic dieters, overeaters and under-eaters alike, years of mindless eating have robbed you from living a Soulful and balanced life. The behavior of mindless eating is not the underlying problem itself, but it is a symptom of deeper, more complex issues that exist in your psyche and body. Learning to eat mindfully, then, can be the first step on your journey to living a more soulful, spiritual, and passionate life.

Embrace where you are now. In this very moment make the commitment to break free from your patterns of mindless eating and all the negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that go along with it. Allow yourself to take one step at a time. Your journey to mindful eating is a spiritual path. And everything that arises on this journey is worth paying attention to. There is no failure here, only information that will help you to more deeply understand who you are and what you need in order to be in balance.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindfulness is about relaxing and tapping into your body’s infinite wisdom. Mindful eating is paying attention to all the thoughts, feelings, patterns, physical sensations, and emotions that arise around hunger, food, and eating. It is to master control of your mind. It is to know your hunger and to determine if it is true physical hunger or emotional hunger. It is not about developing strict disciplinary rules.

Learning to eat mindfully is a process. Most people find that they need help to change their old patterns. I highly recommend working with a group or professional who is well versed in the practice of mindfulness and mindful eating. After years of facing my own struggles with mindless dieting and obsessive thinking around weight and body image, I found that the practice of mindful eating was the most profound step to developing a loving relationship with my body and realigning myself with my life’s purpose. How ironic that my life’s purpose is to help others heal from abusive eating and learn to love and live in their bodies and to reconnect to their Soul!