Nurture Yourself with Pleasure

A very warm summer greeting to you all!  I just finished my morning swim and am  filled with gratitude for the opportunity to begin my day with an activity that brings me so much pleasure! I realized when I allow myself to experience pleasure in all areas of my life, I don’t limit myself to the pleasure that I get from food.  There’s nothing wrong with getting pleasure from food but it should be only one of many ways to bring pleasure into our lives.

Summer is a natural time to seek pleasure and fun. What are some of ways that you can bring more pleasure and fun into your life this summer?  With the longer days and warm evenings, try a walk or hike in nature, or an impromptu picnic while watching the sunset, or maybe take in one of the many summer evening concerts, or just hang out with friends on a sun-drenched patio. Whatever you do, take time, slow down, feel the earth beneath your feet and let nature nourish you.

This month I’m excited to share an article from guest writer Regina Powers called How Energy Medicine Can Help Heal Unhealthy Eating Behaviors. Regina is a holistic nurse practitioner, colleague, and friend who writes about energy medicine and the role it can play in healing unhealthy eating patterns. Read Regina’s article here.

In this month’s featured article I expand in greater detail on healing your abusive eating patterns and why an integrated, holistic approach is essential to transforming your relationship with food and healing the abusive eating that has caused you so much pain and suffering.

With Love and Kindness and to a wonderfully pleasurable summer,

Rachelle Goering, M.A., N.P.

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Break Free from Abusive Eating™
white bleeding heartThis new, powerful 8-week program is designed to set you free from the prison of food and weight obsession.  In this one-on-one intensive, we will explore what lies beneath your deepest cravings and figure out what triggers you to eat unconsciously and compulsively.  You will learn to treat yourself with Love and Kindness and develop a healthy relationship with food and your body so you can live a joyous and empowered life!

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