One Size Does Not Fit All: A Holistic Approach to Break Free from Abusive Eating™

Most weight loss programs take one of two approaches: focusing on what you can or cannot eat, or advocating giving up dieting once and for all and focus on healing the underlying reasons why you eat emotionally.  Which approach is right?  I say both are!
Abusive eating, like most addictive and destructive behaviors, evolved over a period of time.  It started out slowly and built gradually so it likely didn’t even seem like there was a problem; maybe for many years. But over time, the behaviors solidified into patterns that are now a problem affecting your soul, your mind and heart, as well as your body. In order to overcome these deeply ingrained patterns and behaviors, one needs address the issues within the body, the mind, and the Spirit. The process of unraveling can seem daunting and endless but once we begin to actually drop in and experience what is there to be worked with, it’s usually not as intimidating as the thought of it is.
I remind my students that it is the journey not the end result where we experience our true nature and divine healing. This, my friends, requires us to stay in the moment and not lament about the past or worry about the future.  This is an ongoing practice where we gently bring ourselves back to the present when we find ourselves planning, worrying, regretting the past or fearing the future.
I wrote in last month’s newsletter about the importance of being in your body to be able to know what it is telling you it needs, whether that be food, rest, touch, etc.
My holistic integrated approach to healing abusive eating takes you through practical steps to be in your body.  We address:
  1. Dietary guidelines that meet your body’s current needs – these often change as your body’s  biochemistry changes.
  2. Hormonal and blood sugar imbalances that could be triggering your emotional eating.
  3. Eating guidelines adapted from my own practice to help you relearn healthy eating habits.
  4. How to distinguish emotional hunger from physical hunger.
  5. How to manage emotional hunger; hint: it will never be healed with food.
  6. Self love and Self care practices to feed yourself with love and nourishment on a Soul level.
  7. How to love and enjoy your life as it is right now.
  8. Ways to bring more pleasure into your life.
I do not embrace a “one size fits all” approach.  Instead, I tailor my program to meet your individual needs. With this holistic approach to healing, your life will simmer with possibility and an abundance of gratitude as you are freed from the torture of abusive eating.

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