Break Free From Abusive Eating™

A Holistic Approach to Feeding Yourself With Love.

Abusive Eating is a physical, emotional and spiritual problem that can be progressive and debilitating.  It is an act of violence against yourself.  In order to recover and live a life free from pain and suffering associated with this affliction, you need a multifaceted approach to healing.  The destructive behaviors associated with Abusive Eating can be caused by many biochemical and hormonal imbalances in the body and brain, making it extremely difficult to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits. We address all areas necessary to regain your health and reclaim your joy! 

Abusive eating encompasses a wide spectrum of behaviors and feelings.  For one person it can mean compulsive eating which results in obesity and depression. For another, it might be constantly thinking about your weight or the size of your thighs or waist, while monitoring every bite you eat and judging yourself for gaining a pound or two.  Some women feel that no matter how much they tell themselves they are not going to give in to that piece of chocolate or almonds in the pantry, they do any way, and then feel angry and judgmental for being so weak.

What all of these behaviors have in common is that each person ends up feeling more defeated, angry, depressed and hopeless after each episode.  They say over and over again, I’m going to stop this and then before they know it, they are doing same behaviors again and again.  They soon lose respect for themselves and joy and passion vanishes from their lives.

The Way Out

When treated correctly and compassionately, you can be free from Abusive Eating and enjoy a full recovery where you experience a normal, healthy relationship with food, exercise, your body and Spirit.

In my Break Free™ program, I help you to uncover the motivating seed that fuels your abusive eating behaviors.  There are always good reasons why you use food to comfort, to soothe, to escape, to nurture, to quiet the mind.  At some point, using food in this way probably did help you survive and get through very painful situations or challenges.  Now, food no longer provides that for you, yet the patterns of eating used to bring joy or deaden the pain still exist.  Somewhere in your psyche, there is a belief that if you use food you will feel better or at least, won’t hurt so much.

Try this one step: agree to not deprive yourself of any type or group of food for the next 7 days.  But that you will eat with complete attention to your food and your eating—even any snacking or grazing when it’s 2 AM!

Follow these guidelines:

  • Eat only when sitting down at the table
  • Eat with no distractions—that means no TV or reading, (soft comforting music is OK).
  • Slow down—put our fork down between bites.  With finger food, do not put another chip or nut into your mouth until the present bite is completely chewed and swallowed.
  • Set the table and eat off of a plate—not from a bag or carton or table cloth.

Try this for one week and consider journaling your thoughts, insights or feelings that arise.  I would love to hear from any of you if you to choose to share your thoughts.  You can email me at

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